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Welcome to the wiki of the Tourism Working Group at STI Innsbruck.

Next meetings

The next meeting(s) will take place on

  • June-04, 11am, 3W03
  • June-25, 11pm, Seminarraum 2

Please indicate your absence at:



In order to lift the work performed in the Online Communication (OC) Working Group ( to a practical level, STI revived the Tourism Working Group. Whereas OC deals with the challenge of scalable communication approaches in a world of exponentially growing communication channels, the goal of the Tourism Group is to bring the work in OC to business use cases within the tourism sector.



  • Alex Oberhauser
  • Anna Fensel
  • Birgit Leiter
  • Carmen Brenner
  • Christoph Fuchs
  • Dieter Fensel
  • Ioan Toma
  • Ioannis Stavrakantonakis
  • Matthias Pressnig
  • Michael Fried
  • Simon Hangl
  • Stefan Thaler

Mailing list

The members of the WG communicate via a mailing list, available at